Plants for Pollinators

Pollinators are essential for most flowering plants. In return, this list of plants are beneficial for pollinators.

Drought Tolerant Plants

Many people have turned to xeriscaping to help conserve water year-round. An important piece of this particular landscaping puzzle is plant varieties. We offer a large selection of plants that survive well in dry conditions once they are established. This usually takes one full growing season for grasses, perennials and woody species. Check this list for some great recommendations.

Ground Covers

Nothing says low maintenance gardening like a ground cover. These are often the hardiest and most tolerant varieties in the garden. Not only do they cover large areas, but they are perfect between stepping stones or even in container gardens. Like any new planting they will need to be watered, weeded and maintained until they are established, but once they are, you have a nice carpet of plants needing minimal attention. Click here for a list of our tried and true ground covers.

Cut Flowers

A bouquet of cut flowers is a reminder of the beautiful garden outside, a handsome reward for hard work put into that garden, a colorful decoration for the windowsill or patio table, a fragrant breath of fresh air. Here is a list of plants that will offer wonderful blossoms for cutting.

Deer & Shade Resistant Plants

It wouldn’t be a good deer resistant list without a good disclaimer: the following plants are considered generally unattractive to the deer palate; however some deer are hungrier than others, and some seem to have sophisticated taste! Plants with especially pungent fragrance or particularly fuzzy leaves are usually least attractive to the lovely, hungry creatures and you’ll find a varied list of plants here that are great options for those gardeners living in deer country.